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Earth Harmony and all of our Agro_Homeopathy remedies are no longer available due to manufacturer refusing to ship to USA.

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TR Homeopathics began in 2017 as a culmination of our founder’s involvement in the US homeopathic movement, along with their personal use of homeopathy on their sustainable organic farm. Founders Ted & Sherri Maines are no strangers to utilizing homeopathy on their animals, in the garden , and for their family. They ran an organically working farm and utilized homeopathy for all their plants and animals.

Today TR Homeopathics is a prime distributor for US homeopathic pharmacies and we carry a wide selection of homeopathic remedies, educational materials and books. We teach nationally about the benefits of Agrohomeopathy and equip farmers, families, and gardeners alike with the knowledge and resources they need to use homeopathy on their own.

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Ted & Sherri Maines

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