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Earth Harmony and all of our Agro_Homeopathy remedies are no longer available due to manufacturer refusing to ship to USA.



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Agrohomeopathy is based off Dr. Samuel Hahnemann's findings that living beings can be healed with like cures like. He inexpensive, simple, and highly effective. Dutch homeopath V. D. Kaviraj took these findings and mastered the field of Agrohomeopathy - the practice of using homeopathic remedies on plants. It is a growing field with incredible results. Applications include parasites, fungus, weed infestation, bacterial disruption and
imbalance, malnourishment, disease, and more. It is an entirely organic chemicalfree way to maintain gardens, farms, and houseplants alike.

“The highest form of ORGANIC therapy is the homeopathic treatment of plants.”
Christiane Maute author of Homeopathy for Plants

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