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This is a group of remedies used for Parvo from WHP #25 Pellet Size, 2 Dram:


Aconitum napelus 30C - Should be given as soon as possible, one dose every hour for 4 doses.

Phosphorous 30C - for 4 doses. The remedy of choice to control the gastric symptoms. One dose every hour.

Arsenicum album 30C - The main remedy to control the diarrhea in the acute stage, and frequent doses are necessary. give one dose per hour until the diarrhea stops, for not more than 6 doses total.

Iris Versicolor 30C - 1 dose only, to be given after the other symptoms have been controlled by the previous remedies.

Cinchona Officinalis 30C - 1 dose a day till dog starts drinking, for loss of fluids.

Crotalus horridus 30C -This remedy is only to be given in a one dose situation if the bleeding in the stool is considerable. This is to be given at the same time the initial doses are given.

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